Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The search for S/V Lynx begins

The search has started for our catamaran, and that begins with narrowing down which brand and model of cats we are interested in and can afford.

We have a couple pages on this listed on our http://www.svlynx.com website, the main 'Boat page' and the 'Best Cat for Us' page.

However, to give you some history of our search, for several years now we had decided on a Fountaine Pajot, Salina 48, as our only option.  It is only in the past few months that we have expanded our interest to two other models, and one of them a different brand, Leopard.

The reason we added the Leopard 48 only recently is that we got some specific performance information from a couple of owners which showed us that the Leopard 48 meets a lot of our requirements.  But that's not the only factor, we have also gotten a clearer timeline on our planned purchase.  That gives us an estimated depreciation schedule that puts a Leopard 48 within our budget, making this boat a viable option.

As for the other new option, it is another Fountaine Pajot, a Saona 47.  The same thing applies, due to when we plan to buy a car, and the reasonable starting price for a new Saona 47, by the time we are ready to buy, in 2022 or 2023, there should be some Saona 47s available at a price within our budget.

These two boats, plus the Salina 48, give us three models er ls to weigh, test, and seek out (when the time is right).  For now, we are seeking further information on all three models so that we can further narrow our choice down to an actual purchase.

This will involve a lot of research, conversations, with current or previous or current owners, trips to see examples, test sails, and any other way we can learn more about each boat.

This is a big decision, the boat we eventually purchase will become our thirteen plus year vehicle to adventure.

If you want to weigh in on these boats, or others, the best way is to talk to us directly on our live chat system.  You can learn about how to gain access to that chat system at our Patreon page (see 'Crew' on our website for how to find that).

Addendum: We have changed our plans now due to rising prices on used cats.  We now plan to build S/V Lynx.  See the website for information, or more recent blog posts.